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We strive to produce innovative, high quality products to our customers in order to make their jobs easier. From large scale construction to the small at home DIY we have a tool to fit everyone's needs. 

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What our customers are saying

I LOVE my new Montana Brand tools brad point drill bit! Super clean cutting, excellent chip clearance, and a 3-sided shank. Great work boys!  

Sierra Nets

"Was assembling an L desk that used metal brackets with screws to hold the two pieces together. The DeWalt bit broke when tightening screws that supported the weight of the desk, switched to the Montana bit and it tightened all the screws with the full torque of my power drill with no problem.

Jacob B. • Seattle, WA

Going through Costco this morning I was ecstatic to see "Made in USA" on your product. I bought the package of bits and drivers, all of which I already have, and came home and made another order. Thank You. 

You are helping to make America Great Again. Good Luck... WINNING!

Mel M. • Austin, TX

Received your order.

Thanks for prompt delivery AND for a GREAT product! Will put to good use.

Bob & Ciari J. • Grand Marais, MI

I received the drill bits, thank you again!

     I also went and purchased an assortment of your bits, keep making them here in the good ole USA ( and in Montana even ) and I'll keep buying them!

     Thanks again from a very satisfied customer.

Bryan H. • Anaconda, MT

Received the replacement package Friday. The new 4-1 works perfectly. Your superior level of customer service is quite rare for companies and individuals today. Quick no squabble response, a personal note card thanking me for my business altogether adds up to a happy customer, telling friends and family about your company and products. All very special.  

Thank you again and please pass this along to others in your company. You earned high recognition. Individuals like you are rare and make companies a success.

Robert H. • Boulder, CO

Just wanted to write to let you know I recently purchased one of your 4-in-1 Modular Drill & Driver Sets at a woodworkers’ shop near here in suburban Kansas City.  What a great tool!  Wish I had one of these years ago. 

All of you in Montana be well and stay healthy.

Bob W. • Overland Park, KS

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your 4-In-1 Modular Drill Driver Set.

I have been on disability and recovering from PTSD, so woodworking is what I do to help with that. It is a fantastic escape. I don't have much money for the hobby but when I buy tools I look for a great deal and something that will last. Your product fit that perfectly. It had everything that I was looking for in a great kit with a case. I've used it several times and it is a fantastic product.

Thanks for making a great product. I look forward to buying more from your company, thanks.

Brian B.

They work so well! It's like a hot knife through butter. Finally, a company that makes quality tools. So glad I found you folks. 

Greg F. • Oregon City, OR

Just a note to say thank you for the great customer service and standing behind your product.
I was recently using the 4-In-1 Drill & Driver when the collar that holds the drill bit/driver in place would not work. That collar would not engage or move over that small bearing. After calling customer service and explaining the problem, customer service had me try several things to get the collar “unstuck”. Once nothing seemed to work, she said she’d mail me out a replacement.
Well that was on Wednesday May 20th.  On Friday the 22nd, there the replacement was in my mailbox!
Thank you again for the excellent service.

Jay V. • Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for your help! You should see more orders from this part of the country, hopefully.

We like our American made products!

Daniel M. • Grafton, NH

I have been a professional woodworker for nearly 35 years. I started building instruments for Flatiron Banjo Mandolin Company, then for Gibson where I worked my way up to production manager and then was designer, archtop builder, repairman, and production manager for Santa Cruz Guitar Company for 17 years before beginning to build on my own. In all the time I've worked with wood and built instruments, one glaring problem has stood out.

High quality brad point drill bits, which woodworkers absolutely rely on for accurate drilling applications, are nearly impossible to find.

One day I asked a local lumber company why nobody made a really good brad point drill set and he mentioned Rocky Mountain Twist/Montana Brand bradpoint drill bits. He said they were by far the best he had used and I should try them. That was about a year ago and I have been absolutely thrilled with the quality of the Montana Brand bits. They are sharp, clean cutting, and stay sharp. The bradpoint doesn't travel, and allows for excellent precision results. My only regret is that I didn't find these fine drill bits years ago. I have also used the high quality and innovative plug cutters. They are high quality tools, at an exceptional value.

Thanks for what you do! I've always been willing to pay top dollar for great tools but what a wonderful thing when you can buy top drawer tools at a truly reasonable cost!!!

Dan Roberts • Daniel Roberts Stringworks

I bought a 3/8" plug cutter, SXT self-centering style, this morning at Rocklers and wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. It did exactly what I needed it to do. It was reasonably priced, and best of all, it's made here in the USA.

I will be back for drill bits and other products that you manufacture. It's so nice to buy something made in the USA that exceeds your expectations, and you can bet I'll be telling my friends about you guys.

Joe M. • Wexford, PA


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