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Cryogenic Treatment

Cryogenic treatment increases the decomposition of martensite modifying the behavior of η-carbides. In simple words, cryogenic treatments polish the size of these carbides, increment of amount and population and leading to the uniform distribution of microstructures. Hardness and toughness increase drastically by this technique. Cryogenics materials form an integral part of the near future. Technologies basing cryogenic treatments have broad applications in areas as tool manufacturing, chemistry, power industry, medicine, rocket propulsion and space simulation.

The Cryogenic hardening process adds to the mechanical properties of our bits to provide:

  • Less tool failure due to cracking
  • Increased Life of the Tool
  • Increased Torsion Strength
  • summit cryo xtreme technology      Cryo treatment before and after


Over the years, we have developed a proprietary process that has proven to provide better results than simply putting our tools in a cold environment. We have worked with large aerospace companies to develop processes and procedures that produce the best tools on the market.

The Environment:

Rocky Mountain Twist is a responsible vendor partner and proud to protect the environment.  The Cryogenic Equipment/Process is environmentally safe.